Dear Friends and Loved Ones,

As we are bombarded with the images of those who are suffering right now, I know we are all feeling moved to help in some way.

If you are looking to give a donation (no matter how small or large), I would like to recommend Operation USA.

As many of you know, I have worked and volunteered with Operation USA for over 20 years here and in many countries abroad.  I have worked most recently with them during the aftermath of the tsunami in Southeast Asia, assisting with relief/rebuilding efforts and delegations of child trauma therapists.

Unlike the Red Cross and most other relief organizations, 100% of your donation goes directly to those in need because there are no overhead costs deducted (thanks to the generosity of board members like Julie Andrews and many other amazing folks.) As a private, non-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO), Operation USA has no government or religious affiliation. With a modest office, 10 staff members and numerous wonderful volunteers, they have been working here and in over 92 countries to help the disenfranchised and those suffering from the effects of natural disasters and war. Unburdened by bureaucracy, overhead costs and advertizing expenses, Operation USA has been giving help directly to hundreds of thousands in urgent need.

Check them out for yourself by going to or you can call them at (323) 658-8876, Don't be shy. No donation is too small.

Thank you for your compassion and for taking the time to read this.

With Gratitude,