Soap Opera Digest
September 18, 2001

Valerie Wildman (Fay Walker)
Miami Beach High School, Miami Beach, FL

What were your best and worst subjects?
"English was my best. My worst was algebra. I just couldn't do it."

Famous Alum:
"I was in high school with Andy Garcia, Mickey Rourke and Roy Firestone. Roy was a big deal because he would emcee the talent shows, and he could do a perfect Ed Sullivan imitation. I always knew who Mickey Rourke was because I had a crush on the juvenile delinquent/James Dean types. I ran into Mickey one time out here and I said, 'Do you remember me?' and he said, 'Of course, I do, Valerie.'"

What is the wildest thing you did in high school?
"Nothing you can print in Soap Opera Digest, although I will say that may parents didn't know where I was when I was doing it."

Ever play hooky?
"No, I was always so worried about getting caught. I was a good girl."

Did you go to any of your high-school reunions?
"I heard there was a thespian reunion, but I couldn't go because I was working. Apparently, Barbra Walters was honored there. It's interesting that so many successful actors came out of our high school."

Did you date much in high school?
"I had lots of dates, lots of dates, but I spent a lot of my weekend days alone. I had friends in different cliques, but while most kids were hanging out at the mall on weekends, I would go to a park in the artsy part of town to sketch drawings of people playing musical instruments and walking their exotic animals. Guess I moved to the sound of a different drummer."

If you knew then what you know now...
"I would have spent lesstime worrying about what I was supposed to do with my life. I realize now that not knowing is okay. In fact, the mystery can be a lifelong adventure."