Soap Opera Update
August 28, 2001

The Other Woman

Couple She'd Love To Break Up: Abe and Lexie

Does Fay Really Love Abe?
It could be argued that Fay's hard life has caused her to want and need Abe more than she loves him. Fay has seen Abe as her protector for a long time. And now that Paul is back her in life, it stirs up old emotions.

Who Does Abe Love?
Sorry, Fay. Abe is deeply in love with his wife Lexie. Not even her taking on Stefano's more manipulative characteristics will likely break up this couple for too long. But the fact that Lexie is lying about so much (and he's a sticker for the law!) could damage their union.

Odds Of Getting Abe?
20 to 1 - especially now that Fay's husband Paul is out of the slammer and back in Salem. But there's a wild card in Fay's corner that might help her win Abe's heart: the story behind Brandon's paternity!

Who should Fay Be With?
She's good woman who deserves a man like Abe, but unfortunately, he's taken. Right now, she needs to be with herself and learn to fully love herself before she enters a relationship.

If She Doesn't Get Her Man?
Roman Brady is currently single. He shares a lot of the same honorable qualities that Abe does. He'd be a great match for the unlucky-in-love Fay, but we think that Kate might also want to get her hooks into Roman.